About Us

Hi and Welcome to Ourstore.shop

   It has been decided to have our domain website address as OurStore.shop Because that was the domain name available at the time of conception and we decided on the name "OurStore" because that's essentially what it is. Here at Ourstore we make, build and/or create our own products as well as use already established and reputable sellers who have awesome products which we can enjoy for the years to come. Here at OurStore we value quality and our foundation is love and if you want to know who we truly are well then here it is... We are love and people who “love” meaning “that which underlies all outward manifestations; the essence; the essential reality; the thing in itself,” etc It's a store thats by the people for the people with love as its foundation. So if you have questions/comments or the right product, the right attitude and the right product margins that you'd like to be available at OurStore give us a comprehensive email about yourself, your business and your product at OurStoreOurSHOP@gmail.com

                                         From all of us to all of you here at OurStore we love u :)